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HabitAT School Census - Dry Forest

We have put together all the resources you need to successful incorporate the HabitAT School Census into your schools curriculum.  We recommend  you download the HabitAT School Census overview for helpful tips. The HabitAT School Census is made up of nine highly interactive student worksheets. 

You can access the worksheet using the links on this page.

Final Report

Once you have completed the student worksheets don't forget to complete the Final Report. Bring together all your discoveries and identifying the best-value opportunities to improve your school's habitat.

The final report consists of:

  • Summary table- collating all the data from your HabitAT Census to identify opportunities for future actions
  • Display - presenting what you've discovered and your brightest ideas for action in a creative visual display for the whole school community

Remember to lodge your results in HabitAT STEP 2 and to enter your school in the HabitAT School Awards once you're done.

VELS links for HabitAT School Census

The HabitAT School Census has been developed to easily be incorporated into any classroom. To assist you in planning units of work and integrating the HabitAT School Census into your curriculum we have developed VELS links for Levels 3 to 6.

 VELS Level 3 VELS Level 4  VELS Level 5  VELS Level 6 

Student Weed ID sheets

Weed identification sheets have been developed to assist students and teachers in identifying weedy species in your school for the 'Weed' activity of the HabitAT School Census. Sheets have been split for ease in downloading all files <1MB.

For more detailed information on weeds and indigenous plants in Yarra Ranges visit Council's online Plant Directory.

Need help getting an aerial map of your school?

Yarra Ranges Council has an online mapping program, which can be a fantastic supporting resource when undertaking your HabitAT School Census,  it's as simple as typing in your school's address. Your students can create aerial maps of your school ground and accurately measure distances and areas.  Once you have selected your school grounds, your students can also download a complete list of native plants that are indigenous to your school grounds, just by clicking on 'Indigenous Vegetation List'. 

We can also able to create a range of aerial maps of your school ground for your HabitAT School Census.  It is as simple as picking up the phone or sending us an email. 

Ever wanted to explore what animals you share your school with?

Another resource that will complement and enhance you knowledge of what habitat value your school provides is by undertaking a study on what animals call your school home.  Muesum Victoria's 'Biodiversity Snapshot' will help you and your students to learn more about the animals around us every day by combining mobile technology and science.  Biodiversity Snapshot will provide you with a extensive field guide, identification tools and a way to record your observations all on a mobile device - phone, netbook, or tablet.  Biodiversity Snapshot is able to be used off line.  For more information and t see how you can use this fantastic resource visit www.biodiversitysnapshots.net.au .

If you have any questions please don't hestitate to contact the LfS team via email or call 9294 6491.

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