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We all know that pure, fresh water is precious. It doesn’t just keep us alive; it’s the life-blood of the planet! We can keep finding ways to take better care of every drop.

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Your school is home to a number of plants and animals – not just the humans who visit during school hours! You'd be surprised just how many creatures depend on the habitat your school grounds provide.

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We need to slash our use of non-renewable energy to zero. Fossil fuels are so “last-century”, and they won’t last anyway! The future will run on sunlight, wind and other clean energies that we can use forever.

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Every day we extract more oil, wood, metals, and other materials from the earth to feed our growing appetite for stuff. If we want these materials to last we need to use, reuse and recycle them with great care and efficiency.

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One thing we can be sure of is that we are all in the same boat! We will have to work together locally, and as one global community to create the future we dream of.

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Learning for Sustainability
The Learning for Sustainability program is offered free to all schools within the Shire of Yarra Ranges to assist and support schools to incorporate sustainable initiatives both within the school grounds and the broader community. The Learning for Sustainability (LfS) program aims to help schools gain a stronger understanding of their ecological footprint, how they use resources, but most of all how students, staff and members of the broader school community can make a difference working towards a more sustainable future. To find out more click here...


Walk to School 2015
Congratulations to the schools in the Yarra Ranges that participated in Walktober 2015
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The LfS team are keen to hear from you how we can improve our program and services we provide schools and teachers in the Yarra Ranges.

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Learning For Sustainability
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