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HabitAT- STEP 2

Every school is home to a whole host of plants and animals – not just the humans who visit during school hours! You might be surprised to find just how many creatures depend on the habitat your school grounds provide. Do you know what these ‘neighbours’ need to survive and thrive?

Use this checklist to discover the value of your school’s habitat, who you share it with, who else used to live here before it was a school, and what you can do to enhance your school’s habitat.

  • Discover what animals you have living in your school grounds
  • How have students been involved in this process?
  • Discover and record what plants make up your schools habitat.
  • Undertake the HabitAT School Census
  • Develop a HabitAT – “Final Report” for your school
  • Set Habitat improvement targets

By the time you’ve mapped your school’s habitat value, you’ve probably already spotted some opportunities to enhance it.  Check out the STEP 3 Habitat Action List for inspiration, or to start planning your actions.  If you would like some help with this STEP, or creating an action plan please feel free to contact the LfS team.

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