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Walk to School 2015

Congratulations to all of the school in the Yarra Ranges that participated in Walk to School October 2015. This year we had over 1200 students participate and 7 schools registering walks throughout the month.

Well done to Badger Creek Primary, Chirnside ark Primary, Manchester Primary, Millwarra Warburton and Millgrove campus’, St Pauls Primary and Silvan Primary Schools.

School Highlights:

One winner and runner-up was selected in each of the four Victorian education regions based on the school’s overall participation rate. Each winning school will receive 250 tickets to the Melbourne Stars first home match. Runners up will receive a Spartan school cricket set.

Congratulations to Millwarra Primary School Warburton Campus for being awarded  runner up and receiving a Spartan school cricket set.

Millwarra Warburton are situated at the end of the metropolitan area and don’t have access to safe walking paths and half of the students come into school from 20 km away by government bus because of this  they  modify the event to suit their conditions. Here are some dot points of how they made it so successful:

  •          Promoted the walktober event for a few years so the children are familiar with the idea of getting “out and about” walking and riding bikes
  •          On “Walk to school days” we meet the children at a designated starting points and all walk to school together
  •          This year we did a whole school daily walk around our local area, using the pipe-line and streets to make different circuits to add interest and distance.
  •          Walking from home to the school bus was encouraged and counted
  •          EnviroWeek was fresh in our minds before the event so we added an extra activity of cleaning up our local environment as we walked by being Waste Warriors  and Wild Children and the children really liked those name tags and understood the concepts.
  •          We used all the promotion material supplied by Vic Health
  •          The stickers, certificates, gate signage, classroom Record keeping posters and the iconic Walking shoe picture  

Thank you Shirley Noble for your update and congratulations.

Walk to school Celebration Millwarra MillgroveMillwarra Primary School (Millgrove Campus)

At the beginning of October, Millwarra Primary School (Millgrove Campus) formed an Active Travel Planning Team (ATPT) to work towards creation of a School Travel Plan. 

The Team comprised of four students from grade 5 and 6, two community volunteers who are Environmental Science students from Deakin University, support from the teaching staff (particularly the students classroom teacher) and a representative from Council. 

Students in the ATPT had elected to be part of the group to work on improving the health of their classmates through embedding practices across the school to encourage active travel to school (walking, cycling, skating, scooting). 
Encouraging Active Travel supports the schools involvement in ResourceSmart as it promotes travel to and from school (even if only part way) without the use of a vehicle, thereby reducing carbon emissions produced by the school community. 

Meeting once each week, the ATPT have surveyed students, created a School Travel Plan (and had it endorsed by School Council), approached local businesses to support the initiative, planned, promoted and ran a healthy breakfast to promote active travel.

For more information about ACTIVE TRAVEL PLANS have a look here.

Manchester Primary School

We had 26 students walking every day ranging from Preps to Grade 6. We even had lots of parents and a staff member that walked every day. All of these students received GREAT prizes which encouraged physical activity.

We had a lot of students who walked every day but did not come in to register as walking to school is just a part of their normal routine.

Throughout the school we had 209 students participating in walktober. As we only have 350 students in the school so we had nearly 2/3 of the students participating. With a whopping total of 3376 walks altogether

The walk and Ride to school team at Manchester Primary School want to thank all of our school community for their energetic participation during Walktober and for walking or riding to school throughout the year.

All of the students at our school were encouraged to walk or ride to school as part of their daily learning. The benefits of walking were not only to reduce polluting greenhouse gases but for the students to improve their physical health and to improve their ability to concentrate in class."

Irene Meredith – Sustainability Teacher Manchester Primary School



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