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School Travel Plans

School Travel Plans are designed to support change from car use to more sustainable travel for the journey to and from school that promotes and encourages physical activity.  This includes walking, cycling and using public transport, including school buses.

School travel planning has been shown to have significant benefits for school communities including:

  • Reduced traffic congestion around schools
  • Better health and fitness for students
  • Increased travel choices for students and parents/carers
  • Improved safety for students
  • Greater social connectedness with the school and local community.

Below is a template for you to create your own School Travel Plan (along with a copy of the Millwarra Primary School, Millgrove, School Travel Plan as an example).  We had endeavoured to keep the Plan short so it is a user friendly document, however you can certainly expand it if required.  Ideally, the Plan should be developed with the whole school community, driven by a group of people involved, including students, staff, parents and potentially also community volunteers.  You can find a longer version of a School Travel Plan here (http://www.smwilliamstown.catholic.edu.au/_uploads/_ckpg/files/St%20Marys%20School%20Travel%20Plan%2013th%20Aug.pdf ).  Cool Australia also has some resources that may be useful as you create your Active Travel Plan: http://www.coolaustralia.org/activity/aussi-transport-audit-upper-primary/

The plan will benefit the local community as well as your students and their parents/carers, particularly as it should reduce traffic in local streets around your school.

School Travel Plan
Millwarra (Millgrove) Primary School Travel Plan Example

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