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Earthkeepers Program

Earthkeepers is an earth education program designed specifically for 10-11 year olds (Gr5&6). It develops ecological literacy and identity as a foundation for effective, student-lead environmental action.

Spanning at least three and up to eight months, the program begins with a residential camp at the Earthkeepers Training Centre, in a pristine bush setting right here in the Yarra Ranges. Over three days and two nights, young participants embark on a special adventure to learn basic ecological principles and enjoy some rich, first-hand contact with a wild, natural place.

But this is just the beginning. To become a true Earthkeeper, students must return home to practice new habits that reduce their impact on the earth, and share their new knowledge and experiences with family and friends. Only then is their training complete, and each student recognised with a special presentation at school assembly.

Earthkeepers was created by the Institute for Earth Education, an international, non-profit, volunteer organisation whose sole purpose is to develop and disseminate nature-based education programs. Currently delivered in 13 countries and in 7 languages, Earthkeepers is the longest running and most widely adopted environmental education program in the world. Yarra Ranges Council is proud to be part of a global network


Program Requirements & Costs

The training camp requires three consecutive days (eg, Monday - Wednesday or Wednesday - Friday). From 2014 we are expanding our delivery to accommodate all Gr5 students from participating schools, one class group (20-25 students) at a time. Schools with multiple classes at Gr5 level will be booked into consecutive camps, where possible.

  • Program costs are charged per student, and are inclusive of camp accommodation & catering, materials, and follow-up incursions. Two adult ‘Guardians’ (teachers/parents) per group are trained free;
  • Visitors and guests are welcome, by arrangement, but may incur a small additional catering cost;
  • Please contact us for current rates;
  • Suitable for year 5 and 6 students only. The program is carefully targeted to the learning needs and abilities of this age group. This makes the program much more effective, but also renders it inappropriate for younger and older students.


A Promise, and a Word of Warning: This is no ordinary school camp! It will almost certainly challenge you and change your life. Earthkeepers does kick off with a residential training camp in a stunning bush setting, but this is more of an intensive ‘learning adventure’ than a relaxing recreational experience. The training camp is just the beginning of a program that will span months, and that creative, dedicated teachers can build on for years. Earthkeepers is best suited to schools who are looking to build a strong team of student leaders that become powerful role models for younger children as they initiate and deliver sustainability actions in their community.


For further information and bookings, please contact Simon Woodland on 9294 6480 or via email.

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