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HabitAT activities in your school

There are many engaging activities that you can organise at your school whether it is to celebrate National Tree Day or engage your students in enriching your local habitat,  but planting trees is not the only thing you can do!.  So what else can I do I hear you ask… 

  • Sow a seed – instead of planting a tree in your school, why not grow your own.  Candlebark Indigenous Nursery are offering schools propagation kits for students to grow their own indigenous plants from seed.  Each Propagation Kit costs $30 and includes a box of 50 tubes with soil, 2 varieties of indigenous seed, shade cloth and teacher notes.  Candlebark Nursery are offering this to a limited number of schools initially as a trial experience for students.  For more information contact Candlebark Nursery on 9727 0594 or email info@candlebark.org.au 
  •  Create a home for local wildlife – 1 in 3 native Australian animals require tree hollows to survive.  Wildlife boxes are a valuable and much needed substitute for naturally occurring hollows.  You and your students could to build your own or fundraise to purchase some.
  • Protect existing trees in your school – As exciting as it sounds, creating a school policy to protect existing trees is a fantastic and important way to protect your schools habitat value.  Planting trees is great, but protecting a 120 yr old gum tree is 120 000 times better.  Help existing trees by protecting trampling of the tree’s root zone. 
  • Research what HabitAT you school provides – the HabitAT School Census is a highly interactive tool developed by the LfS team to assist students and teachers discover and assess the habitat quality of their school grounds. For more information click here.  
  • Dress as you favorite Australian animal – raise the profile of indigenous animals and create an opportunity for students to research the needs of the animals and opportunities to take local action to enhance their habitat.   
  • Get together with Friends – partner up with your local Friends of Group to work on a local reserve to plant trees, remove old tree guards, and remove weeds or mulching.  Take this opportunity to celebrate and say thank you for the work that the local Friends of Group volunteers do.  Friends of Groups volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year, giving up their own time to enrich the habitat value of our local reserves. 

If you would like to find out more about any of these ideas or would like to share any others, please get in touch with the Learning for Sustainability team on 9294 6491 or email lfs@yarraranges.vic.gov.au.

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