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Materials Matter

Are you living in a Material World? How do you turn Useless into Use Less? Envirocom and Yarra Ranges Council offer you the opportunity to undertake the Materials Matter Incursions. These incursions will assist you to develop an understanding of waste and materials use in your school and how to reduce, re-use and recycle. The FREE incursions will assist you to complete the Materials section of the Learning for Sustainability program.

Session 1 - Materials Investigation: LfS STEP 2*

Discover your current Materials usage. The Materials Investigation will provide you with the baseline data on what your school is producing on a daily basis. We will come and work with you to develop knowledge of your daily waste. 

Session 2 - Action Planning: LfS STEPS 2 and 3*

What actions can you take to reduce your impact? Can you reduce what is coming into and out of your school? Here we will give teachers and students the chance to plan which area they see is important and develop strategies to achieve those goals by developing an Action Plan to reduce waste and minimize Materials Use.

*These sessions would then be repeated at STEP 4

 Further support through more Incursions/Excursions: Once your school has undertaken the Materials Investigation and Action Planning sessions you can undertake any of the following FREE incursions/excursions offered by Envirocom. 

For further information to organise bookings contact the LfS team.

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