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The Learning for Sustainability program aims to help schools gain a stronger understanding of their ecological footprint , how they use resources, but most of all how students, staff and members of the broader school community can make a difference working towards a more sustainable future.  The Learning for Sustainability program (LfS) has been developed to support local schools to incorperate sustainability practices and principals into the curriculum, school grounds and broader school community.

You can progress through the LfS program by following the STEPS: 

STEP 1 is about bring everyone together to create a commitment to working towards creating a sustainable future.  One of the LfS officers can work with you and your staff to to do this, and to help you to plan how to incorperating sustainable in your school.

STEPS 2 to 5 move through the key areas of the program: Water, Habitat, Energy, Materials and Community. Each step aims to help a school move towards sustainability leadership, where they discover, take action, review and engage with their community; with a focus on how much energy and water the school uses, waste it produces, and how best to understand and care for the plants and animals surrounding them.

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