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2012 HabitAT School Award winners

Announcing our Winners for 2012

Once again schools have responded to our annual HabitAT School Awards with a bunch of impressive entries. As always, schools were free to apply under one (or more) of three categories:

HabitAT Census  HabitAT Plan HabitAT Action

In creating the HabitAT School Awards, the LfS team were keen to reward schools and students who discover the current habitat value of their grounds, plan well thought out projects to improve their neighbourhood for wildlife, and take action to make their plans a reality.

The LfS Team is convinced that all three of these stages are equally important – we imagine them forming a natural cycle of learning, experience and continuous improvement.

If we are committed to making a lasting impression on students, and a permanent improvement for local wildlife, our actions must be based on well researched plans, and our plans informed by the on-ground realities of our unique site.

Of course there can be only one winner in each category – unless there are two entries of such outstanding quality that the judges simply could not agree on a winner! That’s right, after much deliberation we’ve declared a draw:

Congratulations to The Patch Primary School and Belgrave Heights Christian School – joint winners of the Best HabitAT Census, 2012.

Click on the below link to view Belgrave Heights Christian School's winning application.

While the format of their applications could not have been more different, both presentations were clearly the result of strong commitment to student-focused, inquiry-based learning. Congratulations to all the teaching staff and students involved.

Other categories were comparatively straight forward. When it came to HabitAT Action entries, judges were impressed by what they described as “a truly inspiring submission”, and one which “clearly demonstrates that the students’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the school’s natural environment has been enhanced.”

Congratulations to the Woori Yallock Farm School – winner of the Best HabitAT Action, 2012.

And in an interesting development, we received no entries in the Best HabitAT Plan category – for the second year in a row. Whether that’s a random anomaly, or a reflection of some mis-match between our award scheme and everyday school reality we’re not yet sure. But we will be taking steps in the coming weeks and months to clarify what we see as the important role of HabitAT Plans, as well as providing more guidance and resources for you to draw on when developing one for your school.

Congratulations once again to our winning schools for 2012. Of course the real winners are the students who are understanding and enjoying their local area with fresh eyes, and all the local wildlife who are already benefiting from the caring attention of their (human) neighbours.

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