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Mt Evelyn Primary School Ride 2 School Day


 Mount Evelyn Primarycelebrated it’s inaugural Ride 2 School Day on Friday 22 March – it was a huge success thanks to everyone that got involved.
Since it was the school’s first year and we only had 2 weeks to organize the event, we decided to focus on the idea of active commuting and inclusion. We encouraged kids to either walk, skate, scoot or ride to school.
Our aim was to get 100 kids involved, and we're happy to say we had 200 active commuters!

The Ride 2 School initiative has been going for a few years, so the first thing we did was to jump on the website (ride2school.com.au) and have a look at the resources available. It really helped to construct our basic plan, from there we developed our own logistics to tailor it to our surroundings.
We outlined a few key factors:

  • getting the word out about active commuting
  • establishing the ‘Part way is OK’ points
  • gathering stats with ‘Hands up count’
  • giving each child who partake a raffle ticket
  • asking the community for sponsorships to fill the raffle bags


Getting the word out:
Linking with existing school programs, we encouraged kids to spread the word amongst their friends. We designed our own posters based on the resource kit as a few details needed to be adjusted. The posters went up all around school, in the newsletter, in local shop windows and on a sponsored billboard.
‘Part way is OK’:
To boost inclusion, we established 2 part way drop off points for people who couldn’t start the commute from home. The requirements were that cars could comfortably park to unload bikes and that it would be operational for the morning and afternoon sessions.

It was really important to communicate the plan and map out the route beforehand so parents knew what was going to happen. This was also included in the school newsletter. We then asked around for volunteers to welcome and guide the kids along the way, many parents were commuting with the kids so there we more than enough eyes and hands. It all felt safe and worked out wonderfully.
‘Hands up count’:
When the kids arrived in class, they did the count and gathered stats. Each participant received a raffle ticket. In break time the raffle prizes were drawn.
We were over the moon with the community support in such a short timeframe. The raffle bags turned out fantastic, the plan was to fill 10 but we received enough donations to fill 25 bags.
We’ve had such positive feedback. The excitement and joy in the air was amazing. Parents loved the idea of letting kids walk or ride to school with the group and kids loved the activity, the social chit-chatting and interaction.
Kids who engage in active commuting to school arrive awake and ready for the day. We have many ideas for next year and plan on making it a regular feature in the school program.
Wilani Smit
Mt Evelyn Primary School


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